Dr. Hyeonseok Yoon (윤현석)

[Professional positions]

(2018-present) Professor
School of Polymer Science and Engineering,
Chonnam National University

(2018-2019) Guest Faculty
Gabor Somorjai Group, Materials Sciences Division,
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

(2010-2018) Assistant/Associate Professor
School of Polymer Science and Engineering,
Chonnam National University

(2008-2010) Postdoctoral Fellow/Associate
Michael Strano Group, Department of Chemical Engineering,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


(2004-2008) Ph.D.
School of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Seoul National University

(2002-2004) M.S.
School of Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University

(1995-2002) B.S.
School of Chemical Engineering, Hanyang University

[Nonacademic career]
(1997-1999) Millitary Service, Republic of Korea Army

[Professional activities]

Section Editor-in-Chief for the journal: Polymers
Editorial Board Member
for the journals: Scientific Reports, Macromolecular Research,
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Applied Sciences.

Dr. Nataraj Sanna Kotrappanavar, Visiting Professor

Research Focus: Sustainable environment & energy technologies


Seungmin Lee (이승민), Ph.D. student

Research Focus: Polymeric materials


Haney Lee (이하늬), Ph.D. student

Research Focus: Materials chemistry


Geunsu Park (박근수), Ph.D. student

Research Focus: Polymeric materials


Subin Chae (채수빈), Ph.D. student

Research Focus: Polymeric materials


Changjun Kim (김창준), M.S. student

Research Focus: Polymeric materials for environmental applications


Thi Thuong Thuong Nguyen, Ph.D. student

Research Focus: Functional nanomaterials


Minseong Ju (주민성), B.S. student

Research Focus: Nanohybrids for energy applications


Cuong Van Le, Ph.D. student

Research Focus: Functional nanohybrids based on conducting polymers


Sangmin Kim (김상민), B.S. student

Research Focus: Functional nanohybrids based on conducting polymers




Hyun-Woo Park (박현우), LG화학 기술연구원

M.S. Thesis: Morphology control of polyaniline nanostructures and their electrochemical characteristics (Feb. 2013)


Jinyoung Huh (허진영), LG화학 기술연구원

M.S. Thesis: Fabrication of conducting polymer composite membranes and their application to electrochemical capacitors (Feb. 2013)


Taejoon Kim (김태준), 한국전력공사 전력연구원

M.S. Thesis: Protection of silver by a conjugated polymer layer in the nanometer regime (Feb. 2013)


Minjeong Kang (강민정), LG화학 기술연구원

M.S. Thesis: Preparation of solution-processable polyaniline glues for electrochemical applications (Feb. 2014)


Ji Eun Lee (이지은), 기술보증기금

M.S. Thesis: Study on multidimensional poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) nanostructures for electrochemical capacitor application (Aug. 2014)


Hyeon Woo Shim (심현우), SK온 연구원

M.S. Thesis: A top-down approach to fabrication of graphene flakes using synthetic polymer stabilizers (Feb. 2015)


Younghee Lee (이영희), 한국전력공사 전력연구원

M.S. Thesis: Fabrication of polypyrrole nanoparticles/graphene composites and their electrochemical characteristics (Feb. 2016)


Hojin Choi (최호진), LX하우시스

M.S. Thesis: Direct physical exfoliation of graphite by polyaniline-glue for flexible, solid-state electrochemical capacitor application (Feb. 2016)


Ki-Jin Ahn (안기진), KT&G 중앙연구원

M.S. Thesis: Synthesis of polypyrrole nanocapsules using microemulsion polymerization and their application to pseudocapacitive electrode materials
(Feb. 2016)


Youngjo Lee (이영조), 기아자동차

B.S. Thesis: Graphene/conducting polymer coating for anticorrosion
(Feb. 2016)


Min-Sik Kim (김민식), LG화학 기술연구원

M.S. Thesis: Facile fabrication of graphene/polyaniline nanoarchitecture films with anisotropic electrical properties and their sensing characteristics
(Aug. 2016)


Kyungun Im (임경운), 국도화학 종합연구소

M.S. Thesis: A study on interaction between graphene/polymer composites and dye molecules (Feb. 2017)


Seonmyeong Noh (노선명), University of Wisconsin–Madison (Ph.D. student)

M.S. Thesis: Microstructural tailoring of carbon nanofibers using ternary polymer blend precursors (Feb. 2017)


Yukyung Kim (김유경), 한국소방산업기술원

Ph.D. Dissertation: Hierarchically structured single-walled carbon nanotube/polymer nanocomposites and their applications (Feb. 2018)


Saerona Kim (김새로나), State University of New York (Ph.D. student)

M.S. Thesis: Solution-processable graphene/polyaniline hybrid coating and its corrosion-resistance mechanism (Feb. 2018)


Hye Jeong Kong (공혜정), 코오롱플라스틱 R&D본부

M.S. Thesis: Modulating charge-storage behavior of nanostructured hybrid mesophase electrodes by thermal treatment (Feb. 2018)


Geunsu Park (박근수), FITI시험연구원

M.S. Thesis: SWNTs/graphene-in-binary-polymer nanofiber structures as carbon precursors for electrochemical applications (Feb. 2019)


Kyung Ho Kim (김경호), 한국생명공학연구원

M.S. Thesis: Liquid-ion gated graphene field-effect transistor sensors for bacteria and cadaverine detection (Feb. 2019)


Chul Soon Park (박철순), 한국폴리텍대학 바이오나노소재과 (교수)

Ph.D. Dissertation: Synthesis of interfacing agents for selective molecular recognition: Toward high-performance biosensors (Aug. 2019)

Semin Kim (김세민), 한국화학연구원 (전문연구요원)

M.S. Thesis: Intercalation of amphiphilic, photo-responsive block copolymers into graphene pieces: electrical monitoring of the intercalated polymer behavior
(Feb. 2020)


Subin Chae (채수빈), FITI시험연구원

M.S. Thesis: Study on the chemical and physical interactions of graphene with a pyrene-containing carbene molecule (Feb. 2020)


Hyunwoo Han (한현우), KT&G 중앙연구원

M.S. Thesis: Effect of single-walled carbon nanotube incorporation on the microstructure and electrochemical properties of pinecone-derived carbon
(Feb. 2020)


Thanh-Hai Le, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Ph.D. Dissertation: Highly stable quantum dots and their nanohybrids for optical application (Aug. 2020)

Yunseok Choi (최윤석), LG화학 기술연구원

M.S. Thesis: Fabrication of nanostructured iron/carbon fibers using polymer blend precursors: Toward sustainable Fenton catalysis (Aug. 2020)


Unhan Lee (이운한), FITI시험연구원

M.S. Thesis: Fluorescent carbon dot/epoxy nanocomposites: Anti-forgery protection with long-term photoluminescence stability (Mar. 2021)


Eunseo Heo (허은서), 포스코퓨처엠 에너지소재연구소

M.S. Thesis: Control on the microstructure of carbon fibers using amphiphilic molecules and their application as electrocatalysts (Mar. 2021)


Hyemi Jo (조혜미), 코오롱플라스틱 R&D본부

M.S. Thesis: Crown ether functionalized graphene-in-polymer nanofiber membranes for lithium ion recovery (Aug. 2022)


Minjin Kim (김민진), 국도화인켐 연구소

M.S. Thesis: Nanoseeding-mediated growth of copper halide nanocrystals on graphene nanosheets


Jisun Lee (이지선), 금호타이어 중앙연구소

M.S. Thesis: Multi-walled carbon nanotubes decorated with perovskite nanocrystals: rapid/direct synthesis and optoelectronic applications






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